Tuesday, March 09, 2004

back at it

I'm going to try to post more often than I have been recently. I've been letting work and other stuff get in the way of things that I really enjoy doing lately. I realize that the more I write, the better it gets and lately, it's not been all that great.

We did end up in Syracuse on Saturday. We don't normally "do the mall" anymore but we spent a couple of hours traipsing around the Carousel Center (without buying anything) and ended up buying groceries in Watertown on the way home. It was a really nice day out. Other than being annoyed by the smell of my newly coloured hair, the day was great. The weather was a little dicey on the way home (it just started to snow when we crossed the border) but overall, the ride was smooth.

Coming back across Canada Customs, I recognized the guy sitting in the little booth. It was an old high school friend I'd not seen in years and years. We had a nice little visit and I'm sure that the people behind us in the line-up were sure that we were going to be sent over for an inspection. We didn't though, all we'd purchased were a few groceries so we got to head along on our merry way.

Sunday was busy with errands and stuff so the rest of the weekend sort of flew by. I almost cannot believe that it's Tuesday again. One of the nice things about writing here is that it makes me stop and think about what I've been doing. It definitely helps to keep things in perspective for me. Goodness knows I need lots of help with that right now!!

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