Saturday, November 29, 2003

So, we're officially as decorated for Christmas as we're gonna be.

I dug through the boxes of Christmas stuff today and put up a bit of stuff. A couple of years ago, I reorganized my holiday stuff so it was actually pretty easy to do today. We didn't do any decorating at all last year. We just didn't feel like it, we were having Christmas at my mum's place so I didn't feel like making a big deal of it. This year though, I'll be off work for a couple of weeks before Christmas and, presumably, will be home a bit more so I felt like putting up some stuff.

The tree's not up but I put up a really nice, fake greenery with mini lights garland around the entrance way to our living room. I also put some mini lights up in our patio doors and in the kitchen window. There are now tinsel garlands up in the kitchen doorways and my fake flowers on the dining room table have been switched from fall to winter. I also put a couple of extra "christmassy" type candles in the living room so it's nice and cozy. We're not religious at all but I like to have things a little brighter and sparkle-y in the days leading up to the solstice. It's just so dark, so early these days, it's nice to make things a little more colourful.

We had our first proper snow today, it was actually "blizzarding" at one point. The visibility was for poop and the roads were really slippery. Fortunately, the sun came out late this afternoon and melted most of it. It's actually kind of annoying but I think that if it hadn't snowed today (and I'd not been listening to "Merry Fucking Christmas" by Mr. Garrison today, I may not have bothered. I'm kind of glad that I did though, it was a good excuse to get into the corners of my living room with the new vacuum!

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