Saturday, November 08, 2003

I was up a little later than normal this morning but still pretty early. I had a stupid accident at work yesterday and twisted my ankle a bit so I'm hobbling around the house a bit this morning. I was supposed to go help my mum this morning (her church has a tea and sale every year and she runs the plant table) but I've begged off because hanging out in a damp basement would not be good for my ankle this morning.

I'm puttering around the house instead of working with her. I'm deadheading plants and tidying up, stuff I can do from a seated position. Mark dragged some stuff downstairs for me earlier to help me out. I feel like a bit of a knob but there's not much I can do about it except rest.

Something very cool happened this morning though. I was sitting on the sofa, deadheading my geraniums and I looked outside... a gorgeous Cardinal was sitting in our bird feeder, having breakfast. There were two squirrels sitting on the ground below (with a couple of morning doves), eating stuff that was hitting the lawn, and about a dozen sparrows buzzing around the Cardinal. She was running the feeder though, no one was messing with her. It was so awesome. I never thought that I'd get into a bird feeder but this is the second fall/winter that we've had it and we really enjoy it. I can not get over the variety of birds that live in our neighbourhood. It doesn't hurt that our yard has lots of trees in it either. I don't know why but whenever I see cardinals or blue jays out there, I just stop what I'm doing and watch them until they've flown away. They're just too pretty not to watch I guess!

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