Sunday, November 09, 2003

My ankle is feeling much better today, I'm happy to report. I also feel healthier today than I have in about a week. I know that I was fighting some kind of bad cold for the whole of last week. I'm happy to report that I'm pretty sure I kicked it's ass!

The flu-shot clinics have started popping up all over town and there have been debates around the office over the pros and cons. Personally, I'll never get one again. In the fall of 2000, Mark and I both bought into the advertising and got one. That year, the local health unit was really promoting them. It was the first year also, that the shot was free and we thought, what the heck. We both work around a lot of people so why not. Well, I'll tell ya why not. We never get the flu. We get colds, sure, but not the actual flu. All winter that year, we felt blah. Just a real sense of malaise that we couldn't shake until spring arrived. Now, it's possible that it wasn't the flu shot but I'm betting that it was. Why else would both of us feel tired and kind of achey all winter long? We didn't get it in 2001 or 2002 and, aside from the odd head cold here and there, we were fine. I think that some folks think that the flu shot will prevent a cold. It won't and I'm not comfortable having something injected into me that I'm not sure I need.

The sun is shining here again today. I think it's kind of cold outside but I'd rather have it be bright and chilly than overcast, damp and mild.

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