Saturday, November 01, 2003

I know that technically, I'm supposed to be a grown up. Grown up people aren't supposed to love kids' stuff but I have to admit that I still love Strawberry Lip Smacker lip gloss. I've loved it since I was a little girl and I still love it.

Speaking of grown ups versus little kids, I saw a lot of little kids last night. I also saw more than one dad dressed up like Link from the Mod Squad last night. Many of the kids were "dead" last nigh, dead cheerleaders, dead skater kids, dead pajama party attendees, dead pop stars. Just dead. Last year it was Harry Potter, this year it was dead. I guess dead is easy to do. One little boy (he seemed like a bit of a thug, to be honest) was dressed up like Anne Shirley. He said, "betcha can't guess who I am!" to me. I told him that I thought he was either Anne Shirley or Blossom. He said, "who's Blossom?" and then "I'm that chick from PEI!" Sad but true, he knew he was an icon, just didn't know her name. I'm guessing he's not a fan of Lucy Maud Montgomery. I always love seeing 20 something guys carrying babies (I'm talking less than a year old) around on Halloween night. Like the baby is going to eat a bag of Doritos! The kids in our neighbourhood seemed to be doing okay. I noticed several dads carrying hockey bags around which seemed full.

After the shelling out was over, we went out for dinner. On our way home from the restaurant, we drove around the downtown area to see the "parade" of people. The Queen's students were out in full-force. We saw a french maid, a slutty angel, a dead academic (ie a guy in an academic gown with a knife sticking out of his head), a trio of slutty construction worker/girls, Elvira, and a bunch of hippies (some slutty, some not). Amongst the grown ups, slutty was in last night, slutty kitties, slutty devils. You get the picture I'm sure.

Today I'm sure the Christmas decorations are going up in the mall. I have managed to avoid going out so far today. It's been nice. I've been doing some cleaning and laundry. Typical Saturday-type stuff. Other than that, not much is happening today. It's the first day of November but the temperatures are in the mid-60's today. It's very odd. There are lots of dopey insects flying around. The squirrels are acting a little weirder than usual in our yard today too. Maybe it'll be a very late winter this year. I'm not complaining about the nice weather, that's for sure. The longer I can avoid shovelling snow, the better!

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