Saturday, November 22, 2003

I got a new vacuum yesterday. Mine is old, really really old. It belonged to my parents, is avacado green and has fake wood panelling on the top. It's an old Kemore that long ago outlived it's usefulness. It's been dying a slow death recently. Mark's dad told me to look around and find one that I liked. If I could find one under $300 he'd get it for me.

So, I've been shopping around a fair bit and found a Eureka Litespeed Upright. It's VERY cool (you can see it here, model #5744). It works SO well, it's insanely powerful and I'm a little disguested with the amount of dirt it sucked up from our carpets downstairs. I'm going to do the upstairs today. I was really impressed with how quiet it was. It also has that Hepa filter deal and a cool duster thing. It's an electrostatic feather-like duster. When you've finished with it, the vacuum will clean it. Too nifty.

I know that it's kind of sad to get excited about a vacuum but it is a really cool little sucker!

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