Monday, December 01, 2003

Monday, again. Ugh!

The day is winging by though, rather quickly. I got a lot done yesterday around the house, actually we both did. Mark did a bunch of repairs that needed to be done to the side door and the motion sensor / flood light thing. The other night, we had a wicked wind storm. The screen door hadn't been properly closed and the wind took it and banged it against the flood light. It smashed both light bulbs (fortunately the fixture wasn't damaged) and messed up part of the door frame. It's all fixed now though and he got some weather proofing done around the door and in the laundry area of our kitchen. I think it's going to be pretty cozy down there this winter, much better than last year at any rate.

A couple of weeks ago, Mark moved two big bookshelves (and all the books too, what a guy huh?) down from our spare bedroom into the front foyer. At first I wasn't too thrilled about the spot he put them in but I really like it now. I emptied one of the two remaining smaller bookshelves and took the books downstairs. I managed to weed out a bunch of old school texts and stuff and have 3 boxes of books to go to Goodwill. I had thought about putting some of the newer stuff up on eBay but I just want rid of them. The past few times I've listed stuff on eBay, I've had a tough time selling anything so I haven't bothered in a while. I also boxed up a couple of boxes of knick-knacks and other misc. stuff. I should have room on one of the shelves that was previously covered in knick-knacks for the remaining books. This also means that we can give the two smaller shelves to goodwill as well as a set of end tables that we no longer want.

We're not 100 per cent sure but it's looking like Mark's dad will be moving in with us sometime in 2004 so we just want to be ready for that when it happens. It's a great exercise too. I'm really getting good at tossing stuff out. We just have too much stuff and all year, I've worked on decreasing clutter in our house. It started out as a resolution in January and it's actually something that I've worked on all year long. I was really good with my resolutions this year actually, I kept all of them. mmm...odd. That's never really happened before and I just now realized it. Neat!

When I'm off work for the holidays, I intend to tackle a couple of closets and weed further. I want to go through the kitchen cupboards again too. Some stuff that I repacked last spring I'll go through again and see what I can get rid of this time. Every time I go through stuff, I find more things to chuck. I don't know how two people could accumulate so much junk but I'm having fun getting rid of it all.

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