Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Royal Gala apples are yummy!

We've been eating a lot of them lately. I love this time of year, apple season. We're really lucky that we live in an area where you can find apples a-plenty. yum!!

Last night, we actually watched the Giller Award broadcast on Book TV. Now, I hadn't actually read any of the short listed books but I do listen to Sounds Like Canada every morning. Shelagh had a panel on, discussing the books and making wagers about the winner and I had joked to Mark, over dinner, that the show was being broadcast last night. I watched it because Shelagh had mentioned that she was going to be on the show and was going to be wearing a really pretty dress. Well guess what? We watched the thing, out of curiousity. I wanted to see what Shelagh was wearing. They ended up cutting her out of the broadcast so that they would have time to actually show the Giller prize being awarded. What a rip off huh?

So, other than being disappointed by a literary awards show (!??!), not much is going on this week. Work's really busy right now and I've been fighting a cold (I think it's the one that Mark had last week) all week. Yuck. Not fun. I can't get sick right now. Just don't have the time. So there!!

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