Monday, October 27, 2003

I don't often have my shit together enough on the weekends anymore to post on either Saturday or Sunday. I mean, I don't not do it on purpose, it just doesn't seem to happen that much anymore.

The weekend was nice. The extra hour we picked up yesterday was much appreciated. We didn't do a whole heck of a lot which was what we had intended. It rained almost all weekend and it is still raining right now. It's pretty dreary. I did a lot of errands and running around on Saturday morning and did laundry yesterday. Fun, fun, fun huh?

On Saturday afternoon, my back was bothering me so I lay on the heating pad and watched movies on cable. The first one was Fubar. I know that I'm probably one of the last people in Canada to see this but I never got around to seeing it when it was in the theatres. I thought it was pretty good, you can tell that it didn't cost them a lot to make it but the characters were really authentic. I know that I went to elementary school with guys like Dean and Terry. They are probably still wearing their AC/DC tshirts and untied, high-top sneakers.

After Fubar, I watched White Oleander. What a huge piece of crap that was. I thought that the acting was good, particularly Alison Lohman but the story was boring. I heard very good things about the book and I may read it at some point but the movie was not interesting at all. The girl was having a bad life, we get it. Sheesh. I just didn't find that I could actually care about any of the characters in the movie (except maybe the kid from Almost Famous).

The final movie in my heating-pad-film-festival was Waking Up In Reno. Now, Made in Manhattan aside (I tried to watch it but couldn't get through the first 30 minutes despite the presence of the lovely Frances Conroy -- it's SOOO bad), I will watch anything with Natasha Richardson in it. I think she's fabulous. I thought that Waking Up In Reno was cute and it made me laugh a couple of times. Billy Bob Thornton was really believable as a slimy car salesman who is fucking around on his wife with her best friend. I don't think much of his musical ability but I think he plays a good scum bag better than most. Now don't get me wrong, this will never be a big cinematic classic but it was cute. I mean, hey, Tony Orlando was in it! Thinking back, all the ibuprofen I was taking might have made it seem better than it was. It was silly but sometimes you need a silly movie, especially on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

The pills and laughter must have worked though because I'm feeling much better today than I have in a couple of days.

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