Tuesday, July 15, 2008

KP Watch Tower

KP Watch Tower
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I cannot get over how spamilicious twitter is getting. I suppose that happens when an application's popularity grows but goodness it's annoying.

How's your Tuesday going so far? I'm having a good day at work, getting stuff done, learning some cool things and just generally not minding being here. Not minding being at the office is pretty important, wouldn't you agree?

Tonight we have lesson 4 out of 8 in our obedience training course with Sam. On the weekend, we bought an agility course kit for the back yard and we're going to set that up after the lawn is cut. I think that Sam will be able to do all of the stunts on the course. I'm particularly looking forward to him doing the high jump. He can jump really high, particularly if there is a treat (or the promise of a treat) involved. It's also got a stop watch and an award ribbon so, no matter what happens, Sam will win!!

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