Saturday, July 05, 2008

picnic basket

picnic basket
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For the first time all week, we all felt pretty much normal this morning.

Mark and I got up sort of early and got out and did errands before it got too busy. While we were out, we decided to pack a lunch and head for the park and maybe buy some strawberries while we were in the country.

Fortunately for us, the park was quiet and we found a nice shady spot by the water for our picnic. Sam really enjoyed the park and there weren't too many other dogs around for him to bark at!! After lunch, we took off to Wynn's Farm for berries. They are amazing this year. Very tiny but delicious. We dropped some off at my mum's house on our way back into town. When you find berries that good, it's bad karma not to share!

It was kind of nice to get outside and away from the neighbourhood. The musical ride is at the fair grounds up the street from us so it's kind of noisy around here right now. The horses are nice to see and the RCMP always look spiffy in their dress uniforms but boy howdy it's loud!!

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