Thursday, July 10, 2008

stacked up

stacked up
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The office packing continues today. I did a little bit yesterday for a colleague who is moving and is not able to be here this week. Another colleague is packing up her office and keeps finding stuff for me. I'm glad to have the stuff (primarily promotional type material that I keep on hand) but it's pretty amazing to both of us, how quickly stuff can pile up. I don't think that they've been in this particular space for 3 years yet and there's a tonne of stuff to move!

Other than just getting caught up again after my vacation, there's not much news to report. Yesterday, Sam did not chew up any more of my sofa so that's always a good thing. Last night, while I was doing some shopping, Mark took Sam to a soccer field to run around on. He let him off the leash and Sam ran the length of the field, back and forth, 2 or 3 times until some other dogs came along. He had a great time apparently - which doesn't surprise me. I've noticed that he's much better about new dogs and people lately and I also know that part of this is just maturity and being socialized more and more. I can't help but feel ridiculously proud of him though, he's made a tonne of progress in the almost 4 months since we've had him. I know he's "just" a dog but he's one of the coolest folks I know!!

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