Monday, July 14, 2008

guarding the barbecue

guarding the barbecue
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I can't believe that I didn't post all weekend. Too much fun is what I'll blame it on I guess!!

I started off the weekend spending a couple of hours with a group of women who I absolultely love. We laughed so hard that I thought I'd pee myself a couple of times!! It was crazy amounts of fun and I hope that we will get together and do it more often.

The rest of the weekend was spent with Mark and Sam. We had a lazy, fun, laugh-filled weekend. As I'd hoped, there were naps and generally being very relaxed amongst doing a couple of errands (in the rain) and getting chores done early on Saturday.

This morning I did feel energized and ready to face the week which is how we all should feel (but seldom do) after the weekend.

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