Friday, July 04, 2008

my new bike

my new bike
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I've spent the past couple of days sort of crawling around the house. My back does this weird thing when I'm either stressed out or have slept too soundly in a cool room (in the wrong position). My left side, at the top of my hip, kind of seizes up and I can't walk straight. It hasn't happened since the weekend after Mark's dad died (in the fall of 2006) but I think I did a number on it the other evening when the temperature dipped down. I woke up in the night, chilled. I had a sheet on and reached down for the comforter (which was on the floor) but the dog was sleeping on it so I just went back to sleep. Big mistake apparently, I've been wonky since late on Wednesday.

Luckily (or unluckily - depending upon how you look at it) I've been home from work this week on a few day's vacation. Unfortunately, I've not gone very far from home because of the back thing. First part of the week was spent nursing sick Mark and sick Sam and then this happens to me. So the week's been quiet, I have had a lot of rest which I probably needed. I've also had time to just hang out with Sam.

I have not had time to ride my new bike yet but I'm hoping that over the weekend I'll loosen up and feel better and be able to get out on it.

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