Tuesday, July 08, 2008

pre-lesson walk

pre-lesson walk
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We had our 3rd lesson for our obedience course tonight. I say "we" because we're all learning. Sam is doing really well considering that we lost a week last week due to his "illness" and that meant that we weren't able to practice as much as we normally would.

Mark is amazing with Sam. He's really patient and Sam's learning so much. I've noticed a huge change in his behavior since we started the lessons.

Having said that, we did arrive home tonight (to pick up Sam) to find that he had partially disemboweled another sofa cushion. Eventually, I know that I'll need to get a new sofa and most likely, when that happens, Sam will either have grown out of the puppy eating furniture phase, or he'll be spending his days in the kitchen. Either way, I'm not even thinking about new living room furniture until we're well past his 2nd birthday. I can live with things wrapped in sheets generally looking misshapen until then if I have to!!

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