Saturday, October 20, 2007


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A while ago, one of our goldfish, Roger, died. He had a parasitic infection, I wrote a little bit about him at the time. The other two goldfish in the tank were infected too. Mojo, a large goldfish, was okay but Chocolate (our chocolate oranda who was brown when we got her and has turned gold and orange and is now white) got quite sick. She seemed to be doing much better until this week. The other fish in the tank were picking on her and on Thursday night, I think that they would have killed her if we hadn't moved into the hospital tank.

When we went to bed on Thursday night, I thought for sure that she'd die in the night. She was floating upside down when we went to bed. In the morning though, she had righted herself and didn't seem as swollen. Tonight, as I type this, she's in a brand new tank, all by herself, in my office. She's too big to stay in the little hospital tank and too weak to go back into the tank with other fish. Our thought is that we'll let her heal up in her own tank and then get her another little fish as a buddy. She seems to be much happier tonight than I've seen her in days.

Mark's head had cleared by the time we got up this morning. Mine was in bad shape though. We've been having some strange weather and it really made my head pound earlier today. I've never had a headache which made me light sensitive before. It was not a lot of fun and I have a lot of sympathy for folks who experience this regularly. Mark had to close the curtains in the living room, I couldn't open my eyes until he had. Too weird.

Last night, we taped "the next great american band." Honestly, we thought that it would take us ten minutes to watch the 2 hour show and I didn't imagine for a second that I'd find a band that I'd like but I did! They are from Florida of all places and are called Très bien!. The song they performed was an "original" composition but it sounded a lot like something from "Rubber Soul." I like all of their influences, they dress like a band my brother would be in and they were a lot of fun. Of course, anything I like on a show like this is usually jinxed so they may not be around for long! The show was a very pleasant surprise. We may even watch it again next week.

Well I should scoot I guess. I sort of dicked around all day today so I have a bunch of housework to do tomorrow. Fun huh??

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