Friday, October 26, 2007

hazy friday

A huge pile of top soil sits on the street in front of our neighbour's house. Tonight we saw four young lads picking out huge mud balls from the pile and proceed to hurl them at each other. There is now dirt everywhere. Clumps of dirt pollute the street and the new sidewalks. Fun times in the construction zone.

This week has felt particularly long. My cold is almost gone. At night, right around this time of day actually, I get a little bit stuffed up and I start to cough a smidgen. At the moment, some diet root beer is soothing my throat. Must be the roots.

I'm really glad that the weekend is here. We have a list of projects we're going to attempt. I like lists. I like how good it feels to cross stuff off of my lists. I'm hoping to feel very good about crossing stuff off, all weekend long.

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