Tuesday, October 02, 2007


leaving beirut
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my work day was extremely productive although it was a little tiring.

I don't mind that so much though. if working through lunches and going in extra early means less time I need to think about working this weekend, that's okay with me.

Tonight, for the first time in a while, we're home for an evening. We don't have any where that we need to be, no one needs to be here, it'll be peaceful. I'm looking forward to this. A bit of a break is needed, by me anyway.

Recently, we've had too many late nights and too many busy evenings. Too many for me anyway. I work with some lovely ladies who have lots of kids and they are running the roads constantly. I cannot imagine having to do that in the middle of having to do all the other stuff that you need to do. I supposed you'd figure it out, somehow.

Just as an aside, someone told me that something I said to them, "made their whole day" today. That's kind of cool and it doesn't happen every day and his saying that, definitely made my day better too.

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