Wednesday, October 03, 2007

dead in the head

my brain is not working so very well.

I'm that busy at work right now that by the time I get home at night, I'm almost completely brain dead.

I owe the world and his wife an email, I'm behind in paperwork stuff here at home. Our house is a little grubbier than it usually is.

We had a large event last weekend, we have a super large one starting a week from tomorrow (that one goes for 4 days).

After that, I can breathe for about 2 days and then we have another event in late October, 3 in November...I can't think much beyond that.

What I did think about today was Mark's head. The poor guy was knocked on his ass by this weather and has been sick with a migraine all day. He's feeling a little better right now but he's on a lot of medication and is in bed as I type this. Tomorrow will be a better day for him, I hope.

I hope it's better for me too, selfishly.

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