Tuesday, October 30, 2007


ghostly garland
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The day before Halloween can be one of the longest days of the years for a little kid. Thoughts of free candy, wearing a scary costume and getting to run around your neighbourhood, with your friends, in the dar, on a school night can make you go crazy.

Today the weather was gorgeous here and I hope that it holds on for one more day. It would be so neat if the weather actually was decent for the trick or treaters tomorrow night. I'm a little bit afraid that the construction might keep the kids away. Our driveway is still completely ripped up but at least the sidewalk is in. It's not the easiest to navigate in the dark. Honestly, I'm a little worried about it.

We're pretty much ready for tomorrow. I have some garden ghoulies to put out tomorrow night, along with some "danger" tape and some spooky garlands we found at the dollar store last week. I have my goodie bags all done up and sitting in box on a little table by the front door. I'll do the garlands and put our shaking skull on the porch when we get home from work tomorrow. Mark will put the strobe light in the basement window (it shines under the porch) and we found a CD of ska halloween songs tonight (not at the store, in our CD collection!) so we'll play that through the window too.

I'm a little bit excited about tomorrow night too. I'm not sure why but I really am.

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