Sunday, October 28, 2007

poo jokes

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A couple of weeks ago, my brother and I had a conversation about how so much humour in movies and on television is based on fart and poo jokes. We agreed that it gets a little tired at times although personally, I like a really well constructed fart and/or poo joke from time to time.

This morning, over coffee, Mark and I watched a recent episode of South Park which was devoted entirely to crap. More specifically, the episode was about Randy Marsh being in a race with a well known rock person / icon to produce the largest crap in the world. It was silly but boy howdy it made us both laugh. I think that it may be less funny to fans of this rock icon person but it amused us a lot.

Sometimes, a simple fart and/or poo joke can just make you laugh. Well, it can make me laugh anyway. I'm not overly proud of this but I will admit to it!

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