Thursday, October 19, 2006

ya got no water

when we drove up our street tonight, we noticed that our new neighbours had their front flower bed completely ripped up.

The bed is beneath their living room window, just to the right of their front porch. Mark commented that it looked like they were excavating for an enterance to the basement (perhaps for a basement apartment - this is pretty common in our neighbourhood). To me, it seemed more like they were having a problem of some sort because there two guys in the hole and two ladies "overseeing" the job from the driveway.

As we walked up our front step, our new next door neighbour lady said to us, "ya got no water."

My first thought was, great, they hit something while digging and now the street has been turned off. I looked at Mark and could tell that he was thinking the same "oh shit" thing that I was. She kept staring us and I realized that her statement was actually a question, "ya got no water" = "do you have water in your basement?"

She went on to explain that they had a full basement last night and that they were trying to figure it out. It looks like they have a big job on their hands.

Fortunately, we had no water in our basement. It was dry as a bone. Of course our water in the pipes was still running. It was just sort of a weird exchange. For a moment, it felt like we were both speaking different languages.

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