Friday, October 06, 2006

too much time on my hands (not really)

as I typed that "topic" line I was reminded of a really bad Styx song from my childhood. the things that your brain will retrieve huh?? it's sick

today was marginally better at work. I say marginally because I didn't feel like crying in frustration too many times. that has to be an improvement over yesterday, doesn't it?

I spent a little while this morning, organizing myself. this is not something I've had much opportunity to do just recently and I think it's what contributed to my mini-meltdown yesterday. going through the various mounds of paper on my desk was very comforting. I discovered that about 1/4 of it was shred-able, and about 1/4 of it was heading for the recycle box. Of the half that was left, a small amount could be filed into a binder, the rest was divided into actual project folders. no longer am I the pile's bitch!! I was able to deal with about 1 and 1/2 project folders and have a better idea of what exactly I need to be doing over the next week.

I'd hoped to get so far ahead of the game that I could actually take a day off next week but I don't think that will happen. it's okay though, I might actually get some proper sleep this weekend and take one of the three days off, completely off.

how nice will that be??

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