Monday, October 30, 2006

kingston at night

kingston at night
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if they had a contest to see which city had the most asshole drivers per capita, across ontario, I'm sure that Kingston could win.

tonight, after work, we needed to go to the bank and to costco. on oue way home, this jerk in a giant pickup truck (is it me or does it just seem like all of these asshole drive pick-up trucks?) tries to pull out to pass us, as we're changing lanes along concession street. if you have ever travelled concession street you will remember that as soon as you cross the intersection from bath or princess onto concession, there are two immediate right turns: one into the liquor store and one into the beer store. There are a lot of dozey folks driving along this strip of road, most of the time.

Just past the beer store, two lanes of traffic join into one. As Mark started changing lanes (to get out of the one that was ending), this truck-hole speeds up to get past us. Fortunately, Mark sped up or he would have hit us. Once we got past him, we saw him turn right onto Macdonnell street. Like, he wanted to get past us so we would have to stop to let him turn. Asshole?

Another guy cut us off in the same spot on Friday night. I had my camera out that time and got him on video - Ontario plate 835 RSS. Should have been "835 ASS" but I'm sure that was taken by some other bad driver. Maybe they should have a contest about this, we didn't win Hockeyville but maybe we could win assholeville.

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