Sunday, October 29, 2006

autumn leaves

autumn leaves
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Today ended up being very lazy. very very lazy actually. We watched a buttload of television. A few episodes of Weeds (season 2), a couple of episodes of Extras (the last one from season 1 and the first from season 2 - holy crap that is one funny show).

In the middle of all of the watching of the tv, I sorted out Joe's clothing. It's something I'd been avoiding but that I'm glad I did. I have four piles now. There is a Mark pile, a "rag bag" pile, a goodwill pile and a garbage pile. We still have to sort through all of his personal items, mostly just photos and knick knacks. I think that will wait for another day. The clothes was a big messy thing that needed doing. I know that when the time comes to sort through the other things, that will be sad. Right now, I know that Joe would be really happy if he knew that someone was going to be really warm this winter with the things we're giving to charity.

I'm so glad that I took some time last weekend to snap a few photos of the fall colours. They are totally gone right now.

Partly they are gone because it's dark out (one of the downsides of the time change). Mostly they are gone because the wind has been howling all day.

It wouldn't surprise me a bit if our power went off soon. There has been a hydro truck parked directly across the street from us for a little while. We first noticed it when our living room lit up and there was a huge skeleton shadow on the wall above the television.

The shadow was neat, the lights on the tv was not. They are working on something out there and the wind is still howling.

Hopefully it's not a hydro truck. It would be better for me if it was a phone truck. We have voip so I don't think that would bug us if the phone lines conked out.

Happy thoughts huh??

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