Tuesday, August 30, 2005

weather report

Today at work, I received no fewer than four copies of the same email, warning about an "impending storm." Apparently, it's supposed to rain tonight, and get windy, some kind of remnant from Katrina. I have a feeling that folks around here are going to be all kinds of disappointed if we don't lose power tonight. It's odd. In January 1998, our town was in the path of that huge ass ice storm that pounded Ontario and Quebec. Personally, I lost power at my apartment for a week. Fortunately, after four days, I retreated to the suburbs where my parents had power (they had, however, lost their cable for a day or so).

I think that everyone's been watching too much cable news coverage of what's happening to those poor folk down in Louisiana and Mississippi and they fear it could happen up here. I hate to tell them but it's not. The worst thing that could happen is this 2 inches of rain they are forecasting could hit within a two hour period and the downtown core's toilets will be backed up. It's gross and it's messy but it's happened before during summer storms and it'll likely happen again.

Now, just in case we do some big flood, we have picked up the boxes of cd's and lp's that were piled on the basement floor and piled them up on top of plastic storage totes. It's highly unlikely that we'd get flooded (we're on the top of a hill) but you can never be too safe when there is all kinds of Japanese vinyl involved, can you?

a note about Klaus
I should mention that Klaus is doing much better. Still not 100% out of the woods but very much improved. We also picked up a new tank tonight for the smaller fish to move into. It's in my office, set up, right now (if I wanted to, I could touch it with my right hand). We plan to move Klaus into it tomorrow and, if all goes well, the other two will move in on the weekend.

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