Thursday, August 04, 2005

oh happy day!!

My copy of Caravan Songs arrived in the post today. It's the first piece of new vinyl to come into the house since we've moved. Sadly, the turntable is not hooked up. I'm not even entirely sure that I know where it is. One of the lovely fellas on the hefner list has smartly made mp3's of it and is willing to send them to other listers who can prove that they have purchased the 7" (because other saddos like me either don't have their turntables hooked up or don't have one at all -- yet we buy vinyl, it's a sickness isn't it??). The funny thing is, before I even read that email, I'd already taken a picture of it with my camera phone. It's all a little eerie if you ask me. Not that you did or anything, just sayin' is all.

In other musical news, when my friend Justin was here visiting from Australia (by here I mean Canada, I didn't actually get to see him this visit), he mailed me a copy of his loverly new CD. His band is called Push Button Auto and their new CD is called A Gun and A Girl. I don't think they have a website (do they??) but I found a neat little article here about them. If you like fuzzy pop music with clever lyrics, you may want to check them out. I can put you in touch with Justin, just drop me an email and I'll hook you up. I'm sure he'd be happy to do some mail order business. As I mentioned to Justin in an email today, it's been a long time since a CD made me smile like this one did. It's just a fun fun good good album. I really like it!!

Other than new music stuff, there's not much happening today. Joe's really settled in to his new surroundings and is very happy. I'm not just saying that either, he's told us as much and he really wants to stay there. He's enjoying the company and he's getting proper, supervised exercise, which is something we know he's needed for ages but couldn't get him to do. All's well that ends well huh?? I think I'm gonna toddle off to bed now. The turntable will have to wait until the weekend, I didn't realize until just this moment, how late it was getting!

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