Wednesday, August 10, 2005

it's all about the pace

I work in a pretty good place. The people I work directly with are very nice, we have a really spiffy office (new paint, carpet and furniture were installed at Christmastime) and the work we do is interesting and challenging, at times it's even fun. Ordinarily, it's busy but it's a pace that I can keep up with. This week though, I've been struggling to keep up. Next week, most of the folks in our office will be out on the road, all across the country, presenting seminars. It's way more fun and interesting than I've made it sound, trust me. Anyway, leading up to this week away, there are about a billion things that need doing. This year, I'm not directly involved with getting them done but I'm the ringer, so to speak. I've been blasting out last minute group emails, keeping the web pages updated and doing little things to help with the flow. In addition to all of that, the stuff that I actually work on is getting really busy too. Do you ever have those days that fly by quickly and you know you're working hard and getting stuff done but at the end of the day it doesn't look like you did? Yeah, I've had 2 of those days already. Looks like today might be number 3. Lucky for me, most of what I'm doing, I like doing, I just hate the feeling that you can't breathe, or pee.

Mark is feeling mucho bettero today. He slept really well and woke up in a good mood, not so achey, almost normal. Of course, it's just disgustingly hot here again today (well it's really humid) so he's going to have to be careful today or he'll end up sick again. As for me, I feel good. Maybe I'm actually starting to adjust to the weather, how sick would that be?

Oh, btw, for those of you who are interested, the other day I was going on and on and on about my friend Justin's band's cd. Well they have just launched a website and you can check it out by going to You can look at a couple of videos and download some of their songs, you can also mail order their stuff if you like it. It's very very good and I can't stop gushing about it, it's really that good!!

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