Tuesday, August 02, 2005

the grind

I have returned to the working world today. In my absence, I was booked into a 9 a.m. meeting. 9 a.m., after a long weekend, after a week's vacation...it wasn't pretty. Fortunately, I wasn't alone in my confusion. We were discussing an upcoming events and apparently, a lot of stuff happened last week when I was away. Anyway, talk about jumping in with both feet.

As I expected, the day is sailing along pretty quickly. I am sifting through 230 emails (not too bad when you think about it) after the junk stuff was removed. Also, as I expected, I'm a little brain-dead at the mo so, here's another one of those goofy "things" I've grown so fond of just recently...swiped from Busy Mom:

Take the quiz: "What type of designer handbag are you?(pictures)"

You're Brighton. You are always in style and very ... bright. You tend to look on the good side of things. Stay that way!

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