Tuesday, August 23, 2005

paint and sky

paint and sky
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Recently, here in good old K-town, we've been lucky. On Friday, when it seemed like everyone around us was bombarded with heavy rains, we experienced a little bit of mist. What we have been seeing around here are some gorgeous clouds. Last night, while Mark and I were out doing errands, I snapped this picture of some weird looking clouds. The sky really looked like it might turn black and rain but it never did.

One of our errands involved returning a small fish tank we had picked up on the weekend. A few weeks ago, we got a little tank for our bedroom (and put a really pretty red beta - named Dr. Zoidberg - in it). When we were at the pet store on Saturday, we saw this little starter kit and thought it would be nice for my office. We picked up two little tiny goldfish for it. When we got home, we discovered that the kit was a piece of crap. Dr. Zoidberg's tank had an external filter, a light, it was basically a nice miniature of our large tank. The one we got on Saturday was no where near as nice, it was actually sort of weird and came with all kinds of warnings about how the filter was hazardous. For now, the two little fish we got (Klaus - named for the fish on American Dan and Feargal - cuz he looks "sharkey") are in the big tank with the rest of the fish. Later this week we may pick up another smaller kit but for now, everyone seems to be getting along in the larger tank.

That's enough fish talk for this morning I guess. I'm off to the dentist shortly (fun huh??). Not a nice way to start the day exactly but at least I'll get it over with early.

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