Wednesday, August 17, 2005

robin and agnes

robin and agnes
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I had visitors this afternoon, in the middle of my lunch. It was one of those times I was glad that I usually eat at my desk. A colleague, Robin, stopped by with her baby daughter, Agnes. Although Agnes is 20 weeks old now, I had not been formally introduced to her yet. Isn't she cute?

Today's been a good work day so far. The past couple of days actually. The phones have been kind of busy and there's a lot of running around happening but the days are going by quickly and that's always a good thing. It's a good busy, if that makes sense.

Tonight we are planning to go out for dinner with Joe. We were also out with him on Saturday. He's doing really well these days. They have him doing regular exercises and going to physio for his pain management and he's feeling quite good. I think we're going to Red Lobster for dinner, he's got a hankering for some fish or seafood. We picked RL because they have an abundance of handicapped parking and it's all one level. Joe's using a walker, quite well I might add, but we haven't tried any steps or stairs yet with it. I don't think we want to for a while. Right now, he's doing so well just getting out of the building and into (and out of) the car, we don't want to chance any kind of set back.

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