Thursday, September 01, 2005

do what you can

I'm going to leave a link up, to the Canadian Red Cross up for a while, like I did after the Tsunami in south east Asia. My heart has been breaking, watching the coverage of the Hurricane on television. Worse than that, reading the stories from the survivors that are coming out. I absolutely love New Orleans, it is one of my favourite cities in the entire world, it's just magical. Seeing the photos of it underwater is totally surreal. I cannot imagine how terrifying this must be for the thousands of people of still stuck there. I just hope that the aid agencies, relief workers, engineers, medical personnel, etc are able to safely get in there and help these folks, it's such a desperate situation.

In other news, Klaus succumed to his injuries sometime last night. He was very very weak last night but I had hoped that he still might bounce back. I think he had just stopped eating, poor little guy. Anyway, he's in fishy heaven now and the other two little fish (Feargal and Ani) are living it up in the new tank.

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