Thursday, April 28, 2005

house stuff

Whatever this bug is that I had/have crept back up on me again yesterday. I wasn't able to go into work because I felt so lousy. I ended up sleeping for most of the day. Today I feel a bit better but still a little fragile. It's an odd thing.

Last night, we had another visit from our real estate agent. He brought us a second offer. It's not as a good an offer as the one we are in the middle of right now but it's a solid "back-up" should anything happen to the first one. The offer we accepted on Monday expires on May 1. We don't foresee anything happening to it though.

Tentatively, we have selected May 25 as our moving day. Once the offer is finalized, I'm going to meet with our movers. It's really exciting to be able to plan the move finally. As we're all still getting over being sick, I don't want to do too much this weekend but we are going to start shopping for new kitchen appliances and looking at paint colours. Joe can pick the colour is his room and Mark and I will figure out what we're doing in the other rooms.

The walls in the new house seem to be sheet-rock. The new house has an addition on the back of it and I suspect that they dry-walled the whole place when they reno'd. Everything looks to be in very good condition so I don't expect that painting will be as tricky as it was in our current home. In our place, we have the original walls which are hard as rocks, covered in wallpaper that has been painted over and over. The only sheet-rock is in places where we put it in (the bathroom ceiling and part of the kitchen). The new folks are lucky though, the whole house is primed and ready for paint. When we took everything apart, we never put any pictures back up so they won't even have to fill any nail holes.

Our plan is to paint, clean and move some of the stuff from our storage locker, into the new house, over the weekend (we get in on May 20). I should have everything packed and ready to go by that time. Seriously, there is not much left to pack up at this point. About 75% of what we own is already packed and sitting in storage.

In the meantime, we're just waiting for Monday. My stomach is almost back to normal, after weeks of being tied up in knots. The dark circles are slowly fading from beneath my eyes. Soon, very soon, this blog will be turned into a "hey look at all the stuff we're doing in our new place" blog. Don't say, you weren't warned!

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