Sunday, April 17, 2005

best episode, recently

It is late, for me anyway. Ordinarily I'm tucked up in bed by now. We stayed up a little later than normal because Sunday is our "tv night." We watch the Simpsons, Arrested Development and, tonight, the season premiere of Trailer Park Boys was on. Don't worry, I'm heading to bed now. My eyes are a little bugged from the tv. Let me just say this, tonight's episode of the Simpsons was the best I'd seen in a while. I love any episodes that deal with the future or with flash-backs and tonight's was brilliant. I particularly liked the mention they made of "Saudi Israelia." Too funny.

Resting was on the agenda this weekend and happily, we got some. Yesterday we did anyway. Today was had an open house so we had to evacuate for a few hours. The whole morning was spend cleaning and sanitizing the house, not to mention putting break on to bake. The house looked pretty good. Apparently, 27 groups of people went through. I'm not sure if that is good or bad, hopefully it's good. I'd love to sell the house this week. That's probably not realistic but I can hope anyway, can't I?

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