Monday, April 25, 2005

feeling slightly less tense

The weekend was silly. We had showings off and on all day Friday and Saturday. Sunday we had another open house. Partly, it works out okay because you're not home to mess up the house that you've spent every waking hour making all neat and tidy (to an obsessive degree) for the nice people who are going to come and want to buy your house.

Fortunately for us, we were presented with an amazing offer tonight. It's conditional on the purchaser finalizing their financing but they are pre-approved for an amount greater than our agreed-to price so that should just be a matter of them finalizing stuff with their bank.

They slipped in for a showing at 4 p.m. I say slipped in because Mark thought that they were the 5 p.m. showing, arriving on our door-step an hour early. He was on his way out the door to pick me up from work. When we got home, they were standing in the driveway. We answered a couple of questions that they had and they stood outside, talking to their agent for a while. I really liked the look of them, they were a young couple, probably in their mid-20's. This is a terrific "first home" and I thought that they would make a great fit here.

Anyway, we grabbed Joe** and went out for some noodle soup. When we got home, our agent called about the offer. It was much better than I expected and we accepted it. This week, we will still continue to show the house but we can't accept any other offers until this one expires next Monday. That's totally fine by me, I'm really relieved, well a little bit anyway. I'll feel much better when everything is waived next Monday and I can contact the bank and our lawyer and finalize everything on our end. The closing date they chose works very well for us too, it's a week after our closing date so we'll have a whole week to paint and clean in the new place, before we move in.

Soon, in a couple of days or so, my bodily functions should return to normal and I'll be able to sleep, properly, again. I'm really looking forward to that. It's been a very long month, what with packing up most of the house, going through construction, putting the house back together, cleaning it every day and surviving the worst head-cold I think I have ever experienced. Sleep will feel very very good, I think.

** Joe, for those of you who may not know, is Mark's almost 80 year old dad, he moved in with us last April and it's because of him that we're moving in the first place -- he can no longer do the stairs easily in our current house

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