Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Last night, Mark asked me why I wasn't jumping up and down, all excited about the offer. I think that his dad was a little surprised that I wasn't bouncing off of the walls about it. I was happy, relieved, really. The truth was though (and I told Mark this), I still felt slightly sick to my stomach. After all, the offer hasn't been finalized, it's not "firm" so I'm still feeling uneasy. We also had another showing today so it wasn't like I didn't have to clean the bathroom "one more time" this week already. Also, because of the lateness of the meeting with the agents (after 7 -- we normally go to bed around 8:30), I was a little keyed up, over-tired, and worried about not getting to sleep last night. I'll feel much better at this time next week, when it's done and dusted.

I realized though that I was getting used to the idea, and was actually relaxing about the whole selling / buying thing when I started making lists in my head before bed. I'm a list-maker and I hadn't allowed myself to make even one list relating to what needed to be done at the new place. It felt kind of neat to start planning, which rooms I'd paint first, in what order we'll move stuff in...all that stuff. Next week, after we sign-off on the deal, I'll book the movers. If all goes well, we plan to move in the middle of the week. That will give us a few days in the new place to paint and clean and a couple of days on the other end, to clean the old place after we've moved.

It's hard to believe that we close on the new house in just three weeks (well, three weeks and three days). In a way, it feels like five minutes since we first saw the new house and, at the same time, like it was five months (in actual fact, it was five weeks ago). It feels good to be feeling good about it, finally.

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