Thursday, January 27, 2005

old tunes made new

Ordinarily, I listen to Air America while I'm working (I stream it). This week though, I have been bringing four different CD's with me each day. I've not been feeling well so talk radio and a headache make getting any work done kind of difficult. I've been enjoying some old gems that I've pulled out of my collection at home and ripped onto my machine here. I had almost forgotten how much I love John Prine. It's funny how hearing an old favourite song again can just make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Good to know that something can warm me up, it's still really cold here.

Work's been kind of busy this week. January has felt like a very long month for some reason. Partly it could be the cold I guess. I'm taking tomorrow off as a vacation day. I have felt like crap all week and I thought that I'd just take a day, get my errands and running around done in the morning. If I can get my "chores" done in the afternoon, I'll be able to just veg out and rest up for the rest of the weekend. We'll see how that all goes.

One thing that made me smile today: I didn't have to shovel this morning. We didn't get any snow last night and you can actually see the pavement in spots on our driveway.

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