Thursday, December 25, 2008

snow wrestling

snow wrestling
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Merry Christmas!

I hope that you've been having as good a day as we've been having 'round here.

We were up sort of around our normal time this morning. We don't get to sleep in much with the dogs around to wake us up. It was nice all the same though. After the coffee was ready, we just had a lazy morning with the dogs. We opened some presents, they played with their new toys and it was very relaxing and nice.

The afternoon was spent with my parents and brother. My mum made us a delicious Christmas lunch and we got properly spoiled rotten, which is always fun!

At the moment, we're home again and hanging out with the puppies. We have a bunch of new DVD's and some stuff in the DVR so we may just get back into our jammies and veg out on the sofa this evening. I've been thinking that we may make some festive cocktails too, after all, it is Christmas!!

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