Thursday, December 11, 2008

discount sea world tickets

Last night after dinner, Mark and I were talking about vacations we’d been on as children. We started talking about big theme parks and all of the pros and cons of incorporating a visit to a big park into a vacation. When Mark was younger, his parents had a home in Florida so he’d made many trips to that part of the world. While he’d visit his folks, he had a chance to check out many of the attractions on offer in Orlando (their house was not far from Orlando). One place in particular we talked about visiting was SeaWorld. It was one of the places he wanted to revisit and it is somewhere I’ve never been. We both love dolphins and whales, actually, we’re both really fascinated by sea life so there are many aspects of SeaWorld which appeal to us. I think it’s pretty cool how you can participate in hands on programs at the park, and actually get close to some of the whales and sharks.

While we were chatting, I decided to look around for some deals on discount sea world tickets and was pleasantly surprised to find an awesome source in Orlando Fun Tickets. I looked all over and couldn’t find a source for cheaper tickets to SeaWorld. At the moment, SeaWorld even have a special promotion on offer: when you purchase a one day pass, they will give you a second one day pass (for the next day) for free. Given how cold it is here at the moment, a quick trip to Florida for a visit with a Beluga whale is just what we need!