Friday, December 12, 2008

lazy friday

So I had a day off today. Originally, I'd planned that today would be my last day in the office before the holidays but I need to be in the office on Monday and Tuesday next week so I took today off and will start my vacation on Tuesday afternoon instead. It's really quite okay. On Tuesday afternoon, I'll be having a festivus gathering with my office teammates. If I had stayed around for the whole week, I could also attend separate office type parties on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Today I'd intended to do some baking. Last night, Mark and I did a couple of errands so I didn't need to go anywhere today. When I got up with Mark this morning, I felt a little woozy so I took some drugs and hung out under the covers until they kicked in. When I started feeling okay, I got up and started some prep work for a couple of the baking projects I do (they involve peeling hershey kisses). That took me 2 hours if you can believe it. I never did get around to baking though because after lunch, the puppies and I had a nap for over 2 hours. I feel better now, very well rested but not really accomplished. I'd hoped to feel accomplished tonight.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow, right? In the meantime, here's another nugget of silly genius from Andy Samberg & co. Enjoy!

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