Friday, December 19, 2008

please may I have some salad

So far, my vacation has been really lovely.

We had our office do on Tuesday afternoon. It was just my immediate team (and a couple of ladies who left the team this year) and we had a good laugh. My supervisor ordered a tonne of greek take out and we had a huge feast. I was able to bring home an entire salad and some chicken for Mark so he didn't have to cook that night (which he was happy about because I got home from work so late).

I really love the ladies I work with. I think a couple of times, I laughed so hard that I had actual tears running down my face. It was a good time.

On Wednesday morning, I made myself a little to do list. The list had less to do with the holidays and more about decontaminating the house. We've basically done very little around the house, just the bare minimum, all fall. Between us being sick and having a new dog, and then having a third dog for 2 weeks, the place was pretty grimy. I've checked a few things off the list and am slowly getting through it. It feels pretty good and the house is starting to look a lot less disgusting than it was.

Over the past couple of days, we've managed to get our holiday shopping done. We didn't have a lot to do which was nice. Over the weekend, I need to sort it out and get it wrapped up but I think we have everything we need. If we don't, I can always do another trip to the shoppes on Monday.

As I type this, it's snowing and blowing outside. We heard about the storm yesterday so we got out last night and stocked up on groceries. I'm really glad that we did that because it's looking quite nasty outside. Mark called home a little while ago and said that the visibility was really poor and that the roads were getting bad too. He's going to pack it in early if it gets too rough out there.

It's hard to believe that I've been off for 3 days already but I do love this time of the year. I like being home, in a nice warm house. I got the tree up yesterday so the house is all festive-ized. I'll start my baking on the weekend I think. Today, I have a couple of little things to get crossed off my chore list and I may get a nap with the puppies in at some point too.

It's a rough life for me, isn't it!?

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