Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Come Together

Just helping in my small way, to spread the word!

From: Canadians for a Progressive Coalition

Hello everyone,

All of the chips are on the table. This grassroots movement does not have the budget of the Conservative party. Instead, we we have each other. We can cut through the Conservative counter-offensive to make sure that the voices of over 60% of Canadians rallying for a progressive coalition are heard! There are 10,000 of you on this listserv. So many, that this message may not reach some of you until after Harper's message. So - this message assumes he does not resign and let the coalition govern.

We need everything you have to reach our goals for this week: winning the struggle in the media for the hearts and minds of Canadians uncertain about a coalition and showing the progressive parties that Canadians support them. In addition to usual - letters to the editor, call in radio, forwarding this message - we need you to:

Sign up 5 Friends

We are going to submit the petition on Friday and it needs to be absolutely massive. In order to increase our already impressive numbers on our petition, we are challenging everyone on the mailing list to get 5 of their friends to sign the petition. The petition is at:

You can email them the direct link by clicking on the "share" button at, then clicking on "email". Alternatively, you could forward them this message!

Join a rally, Bring a Petition!

There are a variety of rallies happening on that day. They are listed on our facebook event page,, and on our website, (Under the "Show your Support" link), and others at These rallies are great time to collect additional signatures for our petition, which we are aiming to present to the Leaders of the Opposition on Friday.

If you are attending any of the rallies posted, or any other events, please bring along a copy of the paper petition, which can be found at the following address: Please get signatures only from those who have not already signed our online petition at After you have collected the signatures, please add them to this spreadsheet: , and send the completed excel files to

Light a Candle for the Coalition!

We want to spark a new spirit of cooperation in Parliament.

On Wednesday night at 8PM, light a candle in front of a street-facing window and turn off the light in the room for 20 minutes. (Make sure to keep the candle away from anything that can catch fire!)

On Thursday, at 5PM we are organizing Candles for a Coalition events across the country. We are going to take pictures and show Canadians from coast to coast support a coalition. If you can't attend a major event invite some of your friends over to light candles or do it yourself. Send us pictures!

Bring your own candle! And spread the word!

Rally locations:

VICTORIA Candles for a Coalition – Thursday Dec 4 5:00 PM
Location: Hillside and Douglas Street

VANCOUVER Candles for a Coalition - Thursday Dec 4 5:15 PM
Location: in Front of the Trades and Convention Centre
Will join the Make Parliament Work Rally afterwards

GUELPH Candles for a Coalition – Thursday Dec 4 7:00pm
Location: St. George's Square

GUELPH RALLY - Saturday, December 6th 12:00pm
Location: St. George's Square

STRATFORD MARCH TO CITY HALL - Stratford, Ontario Candles for Canada - Thur Dec 4 5-7pm
Location: Meet Ontario St between Downie and Waterloo Streets
Walk to city hall at 7pm

GREAT VILLAGE, Nova Scotia - Candles for Coalition in the Village!
When: 6 pm, Thursday, December 4th
Where: 33 Lornevale Road

Canadians for a Progressive Coalition

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