Saturday, December 06, 2008

new doggie door

new doggie door
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Yay Andy!! Thanks so much!! He made us the most awesome doggie door.

For a while now, we've wanted to put one in but we didn't want to put it into the fire door, just in the screen door (we've been leaving the back door open but it's getting too cold to do that now). Andy made the flap for us and cut the hole and he and Mark installed it this morning. It's so neat.

We got all three of the dogs to go through it each way (with a little coaxing and some cookies) and I think Bella has totally figured out. Sam will go through it but only if you hold up the flap for him. I have no doubt that Gracie will get it when she's in need. It's just so nice and bright in the kitchen now, and the flap is so cool. It's going to make the doggie days goes so much better now that they have full access to the yard, all day.

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