Thursday, October 23, 2008

bark at the sun

Princess Street
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Because it's a lovely sunny morning, I've got the living room curtains open. Sam is on duty in the sunshine. He's decided to bark at, not only every person walking down the street but at every leaf as it falls from the tree on our lawn.

That is a lot of barking. Oh, yuck. I just noticed that Sam brought in an old rusty ant trap from outside. I'm not sure where he found it (possibily buried in the yard somewhere). He's been finding all kinds of weird things in the yard recently.

So I've now been off of work for a whole week. I called into the office this morning to talk to my supervisor because she was away last week when I got so sick and I hadn't talked to her (we'd been emailing). She's so sweet and concerned, I feel badly about being home, knowing that stuff is piling up, but she's made me feel a lot better about things. Fortunately, things aren't so busy at the moment that I'll be swamped when I get back. My doctor wanted me to stay home until next Wednesday but I think I'm going to try to go back on Monday and do 1/2 days until I go back to see her.

I guess I must still be feeling pretty lousy because I'm not completely bored yet. When I feel bored at being home on the sofa, I'll know I'm actually better.

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