Wednesday, October 29, 2008

in the swing

at the dog park
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On Monday, I went back to work for the morning. I did a half day yesterday as well. By midday, each day, I was feeling kind of woozy and was glad to be home. Each of those mornings though, I felt sort of crappy in the morning and I don't feel that way today. This morning, I feel like I'm just getting over a cold (still coughing a bit, still blowing my nose more than I'd like to) but I don't feel like death on toast.

Not feeling like death on toast is a massive improvement. I may actually make it through the whole day today, we'll see. I'm going to try to get in to see my doctor today as well for a follow up, just to make sure that I'm actually getting better.

I still have to figure out what we'll be shelling out to the goblins on Friday night. I feel really behind this year because of "the illness." Oh well, no looking back, right, onwards and upwards!!

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