Wednesday, September 03, 2008

smells like Queen's Spirit

almost home
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Yesterday, flashing lights on the street drew my attention away from my monitor. A city police car had pulled another vehicle over, just across the street. The driver, a young woman, got out of her car, the officer got out of his and walked toward her. They hugged and started laughing. How nice of them to tie up traffic for a reunion huh?

This morning, once again, flashing lights drew my eyes toward the window. This time though, the lights were accompanied by the sounds of the pipes. That's right kids, the Queen's Bands are back in town.

Mark and I passed a couple of bandsies on our way down to campus this morning. They kind of stand out at 7:30 a.m. when they are dressed in the tartan and hauling instruments behind them. The local cops led the bands who led the gael leaders around campus. At the moment, large groups of frosh and their upper year leaders, are marching around campus, chanting and cheering and receiving basic Queen's spirit initiation.

As weird as it for those of us who are on campus 12 months out of the year to have the students return en masse after a quiet summer, the weirdness is good. The spunk and spirit of these first year students is infectious!

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