Thursday, September 11, 2008

bad girl

For some reason which I cannot figure out, I started digging out my old Madonna discs last week. Something inside of me must have been craving cheese I guess. Madonna is definitely on my list of guilty pleasures. It's a long list, much to Mark's chagrin. He's a pretty good sport to put up with some of the shit I like to pull out of the vault every once in a while. The long list includes some things which I know really grate on him but he never complains.

Anyway, Madonna. I've seen some recent photos of her out and about with hubby and she's looking sort of strange to me. She's in amazing physical condition, no arguing on that score, but she looks weirdly plastic. I swear that she's turning into a Bratz doll. I was farting around on You Tube looking for her videos and found one that I hadn't seen probably since it came out, Bad Girl. I like this one because Christopher Walken is in it. Anyway, I know it's 15 years old but she looks so pretty. She used to be pretty. What the heck happened!?? Don't tell me that it is about aging because Lauren Bacall is a lot older then Madonna and she still looks pretty. It's weird all the same.

So yeah, here's the video. You judge for yourself.

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