Monday, September 08, 2008

barber shop

The fair is in town. Actually, the carnies are here, the rides are being set up as I type this. The trucks arrived in the night last night. We were just over at the "fair grounds" which is actually Sam's local off-leash park. Tonight was the last night we'll probably be able to get in there until next week.

The rides they have this year are definitely more fancy looking than the ones they have had in previous years. I'm pretty sure that last year's midway was the same set up as it was when we were in high school. When the fair is on, from my front porch, I can hear the guys who run the Polar Express saying, "do you wanna go faster!!??"

Sadly, we'll have to go the fair a miss this year. First we thought we were missing it because we were scheduled to go to my cousin's wedding. Now, we're going to be missing it because Mark's going to be dealing with some medical tests and stuff this weekend. We've had to cancel our trip to Quebec for the wedding and we'll miss the fair because we're either going to be at the hospital or staying close to home.

The worst part of it for Mark is that we've now seen the fair trucks and he spotted two smoked ribs trucks. He'll not be able to visit either one of them because he'll be fasting for his tests.

There's always next year, right? Or, I suppose, we could just find out where the Conklin guys will be next weekend and check them out then. Of course, that totally smacks of effort so I figure we'll be waiting until next fall.

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greenhousegal said...

You could buy some ribs and heat them up on the bbq when Mark comes home....he will be ready to have a treat by then, I'm sure.....