Tuesday, September 02, 2008

sleepy sam

sleepy sam
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Animals and children are cute, I think, as a self defense mechanism.

This morning, Mark was struck very suddenly (I saw it happen, it was frightening) with a migraine. He took a pill, put his glasses on the table (we were eating breakfast) and went back to bed. I started getting my things together for work and heard a noise in the kitchen. I went in and looked around but didn't see anything weird or out of place.

Several minutes later, I haven't seen or heard Sam so I start to suspect that something bad is going on. I pop out onto the deck and there is he, with Mark's glasses. He had chewed the plastic bits off of the temples, had the left lens popped out and the frames were mangled. Fortunately, he gave it up to me without a fight. Unfortunately, while the frames could be repaired (they'll do until Mark's new ones come in) they are no longer making that particular style. We had to order new frames and lenses for Mark tonight. Of course, because it's been less than 2 years since his last pair, none of it's covered by insurance. Oh fun huh?

Not a nice way to start the week after a relatively relaxing weekend. I say relatively because I had 4 days off and Mark had 2. He worked Friday and Monday and I puttered around the house and garden, hung out with the dog and generally vegged out. It was really nice although, with today starting the way it did, I don't feel like I did rest.

Fortunately, Mark's feeling a little better tonight (although his stomach is still wonky). Damned hurricane season is making his head do crazy stuff. You'd think we'd be far enough away from the action that we'd not feel the effects but we do.

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greenhousegal said...

Oh no, that is awful, 1st, about the bad headache, then about the glasses....I had the same problem with the last pair I bought....the frame broke, they weren't in stock any more, the lenses in them wouldn't fit any other style, so I had to get new frames and lenses...I was not too happy.....Sam was bad....you will have to get a muzzle for him so he won't chew everything in sight....he might learn that way....not a good way to start your week...hope things are going better and hope Mark feels better today....