Wednesday, August 27, 2008

barking out the window

barking out the window
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Whenever we turn the A/C off, Sam gets bark crazy. Now, barking is something that we understand to be part of the breed and we've accepted a certain amount of it. For the past few nights though, with the A/C off, we've got the windows open and Sam's decided that no one can walk down the street in front of our house without him letting them know that he's on patrol, watching their every move.

It's endearing but annoying at times. Last night, if we opened or closed a door in the house, basically made any noise that sounded close to a door knock, he went bananas.

Today, I hear that he's being quiet. Mark went home from work a little while ago. He's got a massive migraine again. I know that my head's a little wonky too right now. It's the atmospheric pressure. Hurricane season is going to be brutal for us this year I think. Hopefully, Sam will take good care of Mark this afternoon. I'll be happy if Mark's feeling better and Sam's less jumpy.

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